Wolves U12s learn achievement matters more than the score, as depleted team takes on AFC Dara

AFC Dara U12s v. TAFC Wolves U12s

4 - 2

27th Jan 2018
Kick off: 9.30am

In Youth football, achievement matters more than the score. So it was when the Wolves, depleted by illness and injury, made their way to the home ground of the league leaders, AFC Dara.

Team Coach Russ explained the plan to the 8-man Wolves and they took to the field. Forgoing their usual attacking pattern, the Wolves chose to play without a centre forward and strike on the counter instead. This tactic quickly paid off when Finley started an attack down the left flank that was finished by Oisin.

Dara then applied sustained pressure on the Wolves goal. Will made excellent saves to tip several shots over the crossbar, but a series of accurate corners into a crowded 6 yard box led to the first Dara goal. 1-1 at half time.

Reinforcements had arrived for Dara in the form of a substitute player, allowing them to bring on fresh legs against the tiring Wolves. Dara pressed their advantage and scored twice, but Wolves refused to lie down.  Defenders Jed, Jack, Panya and Joshie broke up attack after attack while Finley, Oisin and Aidan fought for every cleared ball. Then a moment of magic: Aidan surges forward and deftly moves the ball around the onrushing keeper. Unfortunately the subsequent foul prevented Aidan from slotting the ball home.

At a different level this may have had a more decisive effect on the game, but nonetheless Aidan dusted himself off to deliver the free kick over to Oisin, who powered the ball into the net.

Dara’s quality forwards then struck again to finish the game 4-2 up. The Wolves, though tired and sore, can be immensely proud of the endeavour and tenacity they showed today.

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