Unlucky U15 Girls blown away by Cobham

Cobham Village FC v. TAFC U15 Girls

2 - 0

A series of unfortunate events may well have inspired Lemony Snickets to the top of the book charts but for the Teddington U15 Girls it was their undoing today. Against a solid Cobham at the ACS International School any slip-up in form or fate was going to be punished by the home side. On a day when the wind was knocking over trees like dominoes it was Cobham who blew through Teddington with a 2-0 win.

Although the wind played a major factor in this match it didn't determine the winner. In the first half, with the wind behind them, Teddington had 11 shots on target but couldn't convert any into goals. In fact it was Cobham who scored against the run of play. While in the second half Cobham had 12 shots on target, converting one, while Teddington created 3 against the wind. Two injuries that worked against Teddington were most definitely unfortunate and very much affected the pattern of this game. The first was the finger injuries sustained by Jess the day before. This meant that Kate played the first half in goal, while Kitty took the second. Both did an excellent job but their presence was missed further forward. The second injury both poleaxed Emma and the Teddington team. A last ditch tackle during the first half curtailed a dangerous Cobham attack but also left Emma on the floor with a throbbing headache. She was sorely missed.

This game was a frustrating affair for the TAFC girls, not only did lady luck desert them but they had opportunities to draw and possibly win the game. Neave had a ferocious beginning to the match, she was nippy across the turf, strong in tackle, and on more than one occasion you could see her limping away from a clash. With Emma's early withdrawal there was a vacuum in the centre for Teddington. Lauren and Megan had difficulties in the high winds, the statuesque Cobham midfielders seem to get to the bouncing ball first. When they did get the ball on the floor they looked much more composed and decisive.

With her big kick and the wind behind her Harriet was able to turn defence into attack with a mere tap of her boot. In the first half she released both Kitty and Emily from the Cobham shackles, unfortunately the ball was swept wide by the wind or saved well by the keeper. Both Sophia and Willow played intelligent linking roles today, on several occasions they gave their strikers the chance to score, including Matilda who popped up on the right wing only for the ball to slip just wide. Take nothing away from Cobham, they played really well today, a number of corners pegged Teddington back toward the end of the first half. Kate made an excellent save from one, the rebound was chipped back in, the wind caught the ball and floated it just into the goal (1-0).

In the second half it was one-way traffic with Kitty's goalkeeping gloves stinging from 5 shots in the first 5 minutes. Matilda had an excellent second half, as the Cobham legs tired hers kept on running. With the wind in their faces the Teddington defence stood firm, the waves of Cobham attacks crashing against their bows. Nothing gets past Issy, what she doesn't kick away, she brushes away with her strong arm tactics. Lydia was scudding across the turf reducing Cobham to speculative shots from outside the box. Unfortunately it was one of these wind-assisted shots that doubled Cobham lead (2-0)

With the wind making life difficult Emily started her trademark solo runs from within her own half and they so nearly paid off. Teddington took the fight back to Cobham, we saw the first of Kung Fu Kate's flying interceptions. Although Teddington only had three clear chances in the second half, all of these could quite easily have provided the visitors with goals. First the Cobham keeper denied Emily what seemed like a certain goal, then Harriet hit the post directly from a corner, and finally Matilda's pass resulted in a sweetly hit shot from Emily that ricocheted off the crossbar. Each one of these could have easily gone in, it was just one of those games.

Thank you to Demetrios for managing the girls, to Rohan for being linesman and Orangeman. Thanks to the referee and good luck to Cobham in the rest of the season. Harriet seemed to be everywhere today and even managed a shot from the centre circle, she was awarded Player-of-the-Match by Daragh.

TAFC Team: Emily, Neave, Sophia, Willow, Lauren, Kate, Matilda, Megan, Kitty, Harriet, Lydia, Emma, Issy.
Player of the match: Harriet (Chosen by Daragh)
Shots total: Cobham 22 - 20 TAFC
Shots on target: Cobham 17 - 14 TAFC



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