Teddington Tame the Woking Cougars

Woking Cougars U15 Girls v. TAFC U15 Girls

0 - 3

This week's match report has a guest author who does not seem that familiar with footballing terms. Sorry about that.

Our regular goalie, Jess, is out this week so the green jersey is up for grabs. After a very unseemly scuffle, almost breaking out into a fist-fight, Kate comes out victorious and is the first half goalie!

So under a drab sky in a freezing corner of Surrey a confident looking Teddington Athletic wander out onto the largest pitch we have ever seen.

Teddington get off to a confident start against the local side and after 2 mins Emma gets her first chance to size up the pitch from the corner flag which looks like it needs a 5 iron to reach the goal from there. Teddington keep the pressure on as Emily shoots but despite slipping it past the goalie, the ball passes right across the face of the goal. Then back at the other end of the pitch Kate makes her first save (more like a casual catch actually) as she denies Woking a rather feeble goalstrike.

Five more minutes pass, with a lot of girls kicking it in both directions. Nothing really comes of it, but there's a lot of encouragement from the parents, and the girls are all having fun, so that's good isn't it?

The ball is back in the Woking half with another great chance by Emily - solid strike but stopped from a bullseye by their wicket keeper. Still on the attack, a lengthy throw by Emma from the outfield finds Abi who is dazzling in midfield avoiding the opposing pack, weaving her way out and passing clear. Another corner now and Harriet selects a one iron and places the ball bang in the middle of the green between the stumps. A goalmouth scramble ensues, but we'll have to wait a little longer to put points on the board. Emma's corner from the other side, places well into the pack, but we're denied again. Teddington still looking strong though with great determination shown all over the court and it's our 4th corner that delivers the goods with Harriet placing accurately into the middle, Emma stopping the ball with her cleats for Emily to bang it into the end zone to get our first point on the board. (1-0).

Minutes later that same pair deliver again as a solid long range pass from her own half, Harriet finds Emily who makes a great break up on the left and slices the ball past the goalie, rebounds of both stumps and ends up in the net (2-0). The crowd go wild (well there are a few mumbled "well-done"'s and some glove-muffled clapping). The touchline committee are definitely impressed with the girls performance at this point with Teddington dominating the offense territory play despite playing uphill.

Half an hour in and the head coach makes a swap - Sophia coming on for Lauren.

Woking start to get a few breaks now, but there is some solid defending by Issy & Megan who tackle well to end the Cougars fun and send the ball back in the right direction. Another attempt by the Cougars gets closer with a shot on goal but that point is denied by a great save from Kate who is pressed into action after, it has to be said, not having much to do for a while.

More Woking breaks follow with some fast attacking players, but Lydia's quarterback speed put pay to several of their yardage gains up the field. Woking win a corner from another advance but it falls short, and after a ruck (or was it a maul) another shot rings out but Kate gets her foot to it stopping a Woking home run.

End of the Half. Teddington still in control at 2-0.

So the team are back for the second half and it's Kitty this time who comes out wearing the green jersey of the wicket keeper. Also, Lauren is back on the pitch with Catia now watching from the dugout. Kate now in a dee-fence position.

The girls continue with some accurate passing from Emily, Abi & Emma although Woking do get a break and put a little pressure on, but Sophia tackles well and clears the ball, nutmegging the ref in the process. (Local Trivia: our ref, who had just finished reffing another match, apparently lives in a hut at the corner of the field and refs all the matches here).

Another Woking break produces a corner for them but Kitty, now apparently allowed to use her hands in the magic green shirt, makes a great catch ending their attacking play.

Some very confident defending easily keeps Woking at bay with Lauren settling into the midfield with some solid tackling and a solid header by Megan bravely stops a very long and high kick from the Woking defence and despite the appreciation of the crowd, she seemed to regret that move afterwards. Woking make a long and rather hopeful shot on this monster pitch, but Kitty is enjoying those gloves and easily gathers up the ball.

After an hour of soccer the team are holding up well, remaining calm when under attack with some great passing in the middle by Lauren, Abi, Harriet and Issy, each person picking their target carefully. Lydia also continuing to outrun the Woking fast forwards and more great passing in defense with careful clearances by Megan & Harriet.

Back at the other end the Woking goalie is kept busy, first when Abi gets locked in tackle with a defender, and still manages to loose off a great shot, then a few minutes later when Harriet gets another shot on target from about 20 yds. The forwards Sofia, Lauren, Emily are also demonstrating their passing play.

Harriet’s throw-in to Kate who makes a great reverse header sends the ball further up the pitch. Woking maintain pressure, possibly helped by having 3 subs to our one, but Teddington are still fighting well with accurate passing and lots of running with Emma breaking down the right hand side drawing their defence who prevent another goal. There's more left in the tank for Teddington though as Emily gets in another shot only for their goalie to get a foot to it and send it wide. The resulting corner sees Emma landing it at the near post (which is nearly a pitch length in other venues) and the defence only clear as far as Abi who gets in a shot but stopped again by their goalie.

Issy and Abi stop another couple of breaks by Woking and with a few minutes to go Teddington win another line-out 20yds out. Emma takes the throw which lands in the box and eventually finds Emily who takes a quick turn slipping it past goalie into far lower corner of their goal.

A confident play from Teddington delivered to goods this week. Well done to all the girls, and to our player of the match Harriet who made a great contribution to this win and seemed to be everywhere on the pitch.

Thanks as ever to the gaffer, Demetrios, and to Richard for being so keen to run the line for some reason.

Back to you in the studio Jeff.

TAFC team: Emily, Sophia, Issy, Lauren, Kate, Emma, Abi, Harriet, Catia, Megan, Kitty, Lydia
Goals - Emily (3)
Player of the Match - Harriet (Chosen by TAFC supporters, and Demetrios)
Shots - Quite a few
Shots on target - A few less, but still enough
Goalmouth scrambles - The usual plethora


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