Seniors start 2018 with victory

Royal Oak v. Teddington Athletic Seniors

3 - 6

TAFC seniors started the new year in style with a convincing 6-3 victory over Royal Oak, in cold conditions on a muddy pitch which did not play well to TAFC's style.  Nevertheless the superior skill showed through and goals from Nunzio Amitrano, Adam O'Mahoney (2), Nick Jupp, Alex O'Mahoney and Max Jackson saw a well deserved victory.  Everyone pulled their weight, well played all - Alex Smithers, Jake Horne, Max Jackson, Conagh Nee, Conor Whitmarsh, Sam Willis, Adam O'Mahoney, Alex O'Mahoney, Nick Jupp, Tom Hodgson, Harry Dillamore, Oli King, Nunzio Amitrano.  Picture shows celebrations of Juppy's goal.

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