Giants hit six past mesmerised Cobras

Giants v. Moor Mead Cobras

6 - 2

Saturday 13th October 2018

The cobra (genus Naja) can deliver a fatal bite injecting a toxic venom that attacks the nervous system and causes paralysis. Such is the power of the venom, the King Cobra has been known to bring down a giant of the animal world, an Asian elephant. The cobra hails from Africa and Asia with the spitting variety propelling its venom out of its mouth through the air. Fortunately the Cobras from Twickenham were less frightening than their namesakes and also less phlegmatic than the infamous Frank Rijkaard.

On an unseasonably warm day at Bushy the ‘Naja’s were well beaten by a Giants team that were quicker to the ball, pressed harder and had more tricks up their sleeves. The Giants were like Ninja’s over running and over powering their Serpentine foes.

The Moor Mead Cobras started well and in the opening five minutes the Giants struggled to get out of their own half. Our referee for the day was late but fortunately Mark, who happened to be wearing a black top, volunteered to take command. In a quiet opening the boys were on best behaviour and there were no incidents of note. As the quarter progressed the boys found their feet with both Julius and Jake going close. The minutes were ticking away when Jake finally broke free and netted with a clinical strike.

The Giants went two up early in the second quarter courtesy of Mr Consistency, Noah, who kept up his record of scoring in every game in which he has played. Tom was having an excellent game up front and it was his pass that opened up the opportunity for Noah to calmly stroke the ball past the Moor Mead keeper. Zai and Josh both came close as the team pushed forward looking for more goals. The Giants left gaps at the back but the Cobras were unable to take advantage of the space, and couldn’t get past the resolute Zai in goal who made several good saves. The score was 2-0 to the hosts at half time.

The Giants went further ahead straight from the restart, Zai striking into the top corner for a peach of a goal. The boys were on song now and marauding forward at will. The Cobras defended admirably as the Giants camped in their half and got a goal back against the run of play with a clean strike from the edge of the box for 3-1. The momentum was however with the Giants and Julius capped a fine performance with a firm strike across the keeper into the corner of the Moor Mead goal to restore the three goal lead.

The final quarter saw more attacking play from the Giants as they pressed forward to add to their goal tally. Zai got his second for the day after a battling and energetic performance to make it 5-1. The Cobras didn’t give up and took advantage of hesitant defending to get their second of the day but were undone immediately as Josh scored the Giants sixth following a jinking run through the tiring Moor Mead team direct from the kick off.

This was solid and high-energy performance from the Giants, their third win in a row and first home victory of the season. Manager Dan Crosby, back after a week away, was proud of his boys but won’t be complacent. Today’s match was comfortable and thoroughly deserved but there will be sterner tests ahead and had the Cobras been a little more potent upfront the score line could have been a lot closer.

The Team: Charlie, Eli, Jake, Josh, Julius, Noah, Tom, Zai

Goalscorers: Jake, Noah, Zai (2), Julius, Josh

Man of the match: Zai

Reporter: Hu Dano

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