Dark skies and dark arts fail to spark Lightning

Lightning v. Epsom & Ewell Colts Hoops

0 - 6

Our first home game at our new home - Bushy Park. The expected rain hadn’t arrived but the sky was dark and a little threatening. A strong wind was blowing the length of the pitch from left to right. Looking over at the opposition it was clear they were a well organised, experienced outfit.
James started in goal having recovered from last weeks foot injury which transpired was caused by one of his teammates not the opposition as previously stated.
The opposition attacked with some considerable threat and disciplined organisation. Despite the Hoops playing in to the wind, It felt a case of when rather if they would score. Cosmo, Joseph and George defended doggedly and it took almost 10 minutes for our defences to be breached for the first time. It was also clear the Hoops had been coached in the dark arts of subtle pushing and leaving a foot in a tackle. Joseph in particular seemed to be on the receiving end of this treatment as he frequently broke up their play and attempted to start Lightning moving forward from the centre of midfield only to be stopped by an opposing arm or foot.

Dams once breached do have a tendency to leak, and so it was with Lightning today. 4-0 and halftime couldn’t come soon enough. It did, sanctuary for 5 minutes.

A carefully worded chat from the coach, and oranges were administered. The boys took to the pitch, reinvigorated and started to play with a lot more discipline. James continued in goal as Stefanos had missed the bit about getting ready at halftime as he gorged on the oranges.
Luke moved to left back to replace the departing Cosmo.
Lightning started to compete more. Some passages of play were really pleasing. Joseph and Tioba were combining well in midfield and Vansh almost scored after a particularly well worked play. The oppositions dark arts seemed in greater use, both Joseph and Tioba got more than expected fouls against them. Joseph was now anticipating these tackles and was beautifully skipping over some of the scything tackles coming his way. Stefanos (having finished the oranges) came on to replace James and made some brave saves, frustrating the opposition. They still managed two goals near the end of the match leaving us with a deficit of 6 at the end.

Again, the boys played really well and should remember today’s opposition have been playing together for three seasons. All things considered we’re not that far behind.

Shout out for Louis, today’s super fan on rotation.

Man of the match: Joseph

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