Chargers generate a little more power than Lightning

Redhill Youth Chargers v. Lightning

3 - 1

Early start, bit of a mix up on the roster (sorry folks) but still nine bodies ready and willing to take on the Chargers. Quick warm-up and decision on goalkeeper - wot no gloves. Never mind we have enough keepers in the squad that means there is always a spare pair readily available.

The Chargers looked big, especially their no.5. Chatting to their manager Lightning were up against another established team, playing together for three years.

Chargers started more strongly, but our twin defenders ensured we weren’t overrun. Louis was involved and linking play well with Joseph and George. The game seesawed and both teams missed early chances to take a lead. Eventually, Chargers made the breakthrough with a well worked play.
This was the wake call Lightning needed and the boys started applying pressure and we were behind for no more than five minutes. Our third corner from the right ping-ponged in the penalty area as Chargers failed to clear and Louis (according to Louis) managed to get a toe to the ball and turn it into the net. Halftime 1-1.

Oranges have already become a great feature of our games, but can also prove a distraction from the coaches halftime talk.

Goalkeeping gloves returned to their original owner and a stint in goal for James (albeit slightly reluctantly due to recent dentistry).

The game had only just restarted and Chargers took advantage as Lightning players adjusted to new positions on the pitch.

The match remained tight and although Chargers scored again Lightning were never outplayed. Ned, Luke and George were industrious in their defending and Louis was unlucky not to score and hit the post after a beautiful run from the edge of our penalty area to the edge of theirs. Talk about box to box... Joseph provided great support and like Hazard seems to draw the majority of the fouls from the opposition.

Good contributions from Daniel and Vansh made for an overall pleasing performance despite the score line.

All the boys are starting to show more composure and it’s good to see them passing to each other and playing in a positive manner.

The results will follow!

Scorer: Louis

Men of the match: James and Luke

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