2018/19 – Training schedule

As the 2018/19 looms large mmap are running a full programme of training sessions once again.

In September all sessions will take place at Udney Park, and then in October move to the locations as per the key below.

If you can’t find the right age group for you or your child contact your team manager who should be able to help.






U8 girls Friday 5.30-6.30 TS
U9 girls Friday 5.30-6.30 TS
U10 girls Friday 5.30-6.30 TS
U10 girls Friday 5.30-6.30 TS
U11 girls Friday 6.30-7.30 TS
U12 girls Friday 6.30-7.30 TS
U13 girls(original)Friday 6.30-7.30 TS
U13 girls (new) Thursday 6.30-7.30 UP
U15 girls Friday 6.30-7.30 TS

U7 Monday 5.30-6.30 HCH
U7 Monday 5.30-6.30 HCH

U8 Friday 5.30-6.30 TS
U8 Friday 5.30-6.30 TS

U9 Thunder Thursday 5.30-6.30 HCH
U9 Turbos Thursday 5.30-6.30 HCH

U10 Raptors Tuesday 5.15-6.15 UP
U10 Stags Tuesday 5.15-6.15 UP
U10 Leopards Tuesday 5.15-6.15 UP

U11 Hounds Wednesday 5.15-6.15 HCH
U11 Falcons Wednesday 5.15-6.15 HCH
U11 Eagles Wednesday 5.15-6.15 HCH
U11 Dragons Monday 5.30-6.30 HCH

U12 Rockets Monday 6.30-7.30 HCH
U12 Dynamos Monday 6.30-7.30 HCH
U12 Jets Monday 630-7.30 HCH
U12 New squad Monday 5.30-6.30 HCH

U13 Tuesday 6.15-7.15 UP
U13 Tuesday 6.15-7.15 UP
U13 Tuesday 6.15-7.15 UP

U14 Wednesday 6.15-7.15 HCH
U14 Wednesday 6.15-7.15 HCH
U14 Wednesday 6.15-7.15 HCH

U15 Hurricanes Thursday 7-8 HA
U15 Tornados Thursday 7-8 HA

U16 Sharks Thursday 5.30-6.30 UP
U16 Pumas Thursday 5.30-6.30 UP
U16 Tigers Thursday 6-7 HA

U17 Tuesday 7.15-8.15 UP

U18 Panthers 8-9 HA
U18 Dragons 8-9 HA
U18 Pumas

Mature Dragons performance maintains winning run in deepest Croydon

Shelton Athletic U10 – 0 TAFC U10 Dragons – 2 (Danson, White)

Up with the larks and a cross-country dash to the wide expanse of Shelton’s home ground – nicely defrosted by the pixies and their mini hairdryers – the Dragons took formation against similarly football-minded side Shelton Athletic.  A classic 7 a side match with no subs available for either team and a worried Management duo knowing several sleep overs had taken place the night before.

It was to be a game of two halves – not the end-to-end ding-dong you’d expect if you just read this line in the Guardian/Times/Telegraph. Eh? Oh sorry, Sun/Mirror/Other Rag of choice…but an extremely useful experience nonetheless.

The Dragons started well employing a high press and early signs were positive as lone stand in striker White benefited from a tuned in midfield trio of Bayon, Goodall and Danson. Goodall showed perseverance and solidity on the right side of midfield – a towering performance that bodes well for the post-Christmas break. Go George.

The breakthrough came quite early, with build up through Bayon and White, and a neat layoff to Danson who needed no prompting to open the Dragons account for the day.  On the stroke of half time White’s constant terrier like hounding of the opposition defence paid dividends as he created his own space to slot home to make it two to the Dragons without reply to take us to half time

The second half didn’t so much let Shelton back into the game as much as the Dragons eased off somewhat from their more intense first half display. A deeper set team allowed Shelton to come forward more often but the assured nature of how the Dragons dealt with it was inspiring, – none more so than the back three trio – goalkeeper Atherton’s confident handling and punching, and on-way-to bona-fide superstar centre back pairing of Firebrace and Bishop – the latter earning a well-deserved MOM award – whose second half efforts were workman like and showed again how this team is developing maturity beyond its tender years.

Not a classic performance, but touches of class were evident and if this Dragon side can win and maintain a clean sheet away from home while not playing to their best for the entire 50 minutes, we’ll gladly add it to the memory banks to draw on in future games.

Last 6 matches results: L L W W W W

Go Dragons!  Next up Kingswood Blues (Home) 16.12.17