Taking Photographs and Video Policy

Teddington Athletic FC follows the FA’s recommended guidelines regarding taking photographs and videos of children in football.  The FA encourages the taking of appropriate images of children in football as part of celebrating the game.

Teddington Athletic FC recognises that anyone is allowed to take appropriate photographs in a public place. On private land it recognises that the land or facility owner can decide whether or not photography and or videoing of football activities is permitted

Teddington Athletic FC will ensure the club has parental consent to use a player’s image if it is used in the public doman (eg, club website or newspaper article).  Photographs of Looked After Children and those in care proceedings will not be placed in the public domain by the club.

Photographs will focus on the activity rather than the individual and all children will be appropriately dressed in tops and shorts or tracksuits.

No photograph will be published with a child’s full name unless with the written consent of an adult with parental responsibility for the child.

No image will be used for something other than that which was initially agreed.

No images will be recorded in changing rooms or toilets.

Filming as a Coaching Aid

Teddington Athletic will follow the FA’s advice that coaches using videoing as a legitimate coaching aid need to make parents, carers and players aware that this will be part of the coaching programme and that care must be taken when storing any recordings.

Commissioning professional photographers/local media

If professional photographers or media cover a football activity, the following FA guidelines will be followed.

  • A clear brief will be provided about what is considered appropriate in terms of content and behaviour.
  • Professionals will be informed of the club’s commitment to safeguarding children and young people. Before any event it will be established who will hold the recorded images and what they are intended for (eg, website or sales).
  • A professional photographer must wear identification at all times

October 2018