Guidance on reporting a disclosure by a child or young person

Respond appropriately to any disclosure
If a child makes a disclosure of abuse, respond appropriately. Listen carefully and avoid expressing your own views on the matter. Let them know they have done the right thing and that you will take them seriously. Do not promise to keep the disclosure confidential but explain what you will do next.

Record Information
Record what you’ve been told or seen as thoroughly as possible.

  • What happened
  • When did it happen
  • Who reported it
  • What was going on
  • Who was around
  • Why then? Was there something specific that happened which could have prompted the disclosure from the child?

Report Concerns
Decide whether the situation is such that information has to be shared immediately. If the child is not at risk of immediate harm, contact the club’s CWO.

Teddington Athletic FC Welfare Referral form is a useful tool to ensure all the relevant information is included. However, an email to or a phone call to the Club Welfare Officer in the first instance is also acceptable. If using email do not use the child’s full name. If using the referral form and the information is of a sensitive nature, please password protect the document.

 If there is an immediate risk of harm to a child or children, always ring the police.

Referring On
In reporting your concerns, the Club Welfare Officer will decide what happens next, whether it can be dealt with at club level or needs to be referred to the FA County Designated Safeguarding Officer or the Local Authority Children’s Services or the police.