About Us

A brief history - Phil Lee

Teddington Athletic FC was formed in 2006 and Phil Lee was the club's heart and soul. Having recognised that many keen but not necessarily talented youngsters had no organised football in the local area, Phil co-founded the club and worked tirelessly as a team manager, referee, club chairman, and in his last year, as Director of Football. Phil sadly died in August 2011 after a very long and extremely brave battle with cancer. Phil set out the ethos of the club to facilitate football for young players of all abilities so long as they showed the right attitude and committment towards developing and training, a responsibility to their team and respect for referees - values still at the core of what TAFC stands for today.

In honour of Phil's memory, TAFC now present an annual award - The Phil Lee Award - to an individual or individuals associated with the club 'in recognition of their dedication, enthusiasm and voluntary service behind the scenes.'

Club Objectives
The Objectives of the club are:

  • To advance the amateur sport of association football;
  • To promote the participation in healthy recreation for the benefit of people aged between 6 to 17 years old resident in Teddington and the surrounding area by the provision of facilities for playing association football (facilities means land, buildings, equipment and organising football activities) and organising social activities;
  • and
    To further such other charitable purposes in Teddington and the surrounding area as the Club Committee may from time to time decide.

Role of Trustees and Club Management
The Trustees have ensured that;

  • Professional FA Qualified Coaches provide weekly coaching sessions for each team.
  • A Professional FA Qualified Coach provides weekly specialist goalkeeper coaching.
  • All teams have access to team kit.
  • Referees are provided for all matches.
  • Non-competitive friendlies are arranged for younger age groups.
  • Older teams compete in suitable leagues.
  • An annual tour is arranged to a suitable tournament.
  • Reduced subscriptions are available in cases of need.
  • Membership is inclusive.
  • Managers and coaches are supported.

To see the current list and contact details of the club officials please follow this link.

This ensures the club delivers its objectives and public benefits.

The public benefits are that the sport provides excellent exercise for players, which carries proven physical and mental health benefits. Furthermore, the sport promotes a sense of team spirit, fair play and mutual respect amongst players and teams. Other ancillary initiatives include the abolishment of bullying and racism.

Club Policies

We adhere to FA guidelines, if you need guidance our key policy documents are linked below:

Codes of Conduct
The Respect codes of conduct are in place to ensure that everyone involved within an FA Charter Standard club or league is playing their part to give the players a positive experience. Please feel free to download a copy from here or they can be obtained from the FA's website by following this link


Please see following section which contains both our policy and other useful information including referral forms and additional contact information - We hope you'll never need them but please familiarise yourself  with the process and never be slow to act if you see or suspect anything you feel requires further attention or action


Teddington Athletic Football Club is run by volunteers without whom the club could not function.

Volunteers perform the following functions;

  • Committee members.
  • Team managers.
  • Coaches.
  • CRB/DBS checks
  • Annual Tour organisers
  • Child Welfare
  • Match Day and Training Venue Risk Assessments
  • Catering Liaison
  • Event organisation
  • Web-Site Development & Maintenance
  • Membership Secretary
  • Fixtures Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Fund Raising

If you are interested in volunteering then please contact us here indicating what area you would be interested in helping. Thank you!